The Amkov AMK7000S Action Camera can be controlled by a watch remote control, does 4K video


Amkov AMK7000S action camera-1The arrival of more and more players in the highly competitive action camera market is certainly a boon for us: the consumers. One such manufacturer is Shenzhen based Amkov, which has come up with a new action camera, dubbed the Amkov AMK7000S.

The most interesting aspect of it is the inclusion of a remote control watch that you can obviously wear over your wrist, which you can use to control video recording and capture still images. I really like this feature, and foresee all manufacturers following suit sooner rather than later.

Coming to the build, the Amkov AMK7000S is constructed of zinc alloy, which is claimed to improve shock resistance and heat dissipation. Talking of heat dissipation, there are holes at the top and bottom of the camera that help in getting rid of heat quickly.

Another neat feature is the inclusion of a small status screen at the front, just besides the lens, which gives you basic status information like the camera mode you are in, battery indicator, and the video recording time display.

  • Model: Amkov AMK7000S
  • Image Sensor: OV4689
  • Chipset: Sunplus 6350M
  • Display: 2-inch LCD with brightness adjustment
  • Supported video resolutions: 4K (10fps), 2.7K (15fps), 1080p (60, 30fps), 720p (60fps, 120fps)
  • Supported picture resolution: upto 20MP
  • Battery: 1150mAh
  • Other: WiFi, built-in mic/speaker, watch remote control
  • Price at launch: $100

The action camera features a 170-degree wide angle lens, and an OV4689 CMOS sensor that is claimed to have advanced low light illumination. It features a 2-inch LCD screen with adjustable brightness, which should be helpful in bright sunlight. Moreover, an HDMI output port is provided as well.

Coming to video recording, the Amkov AMK7000S can do 4K video at 10 fps, 1080p at 60/30fps, and 720p at 60/120fps. It also features anti-shake technology that smoothens out the video while recording on bumpy terrain.

Image capture is also possible at various resolutions upto 20MP, with burst mode and time-lapse also in the offing. Storage of videos and images is on a microSD card.

The Amkov AMK7000S action camera also features WiFi which means you can connect it to your Android/iOS smartphone and operate it from your phone.

Powering the Amkov AMK7000S is a 1150mAh battery that is claimed to last for about 90min at 1080p (60fps).

When it comes to accessories, you get a waterproof case that can be used till a depth of 40m, which is slightly more than the usual 30m you usually get on most action cameras. Apart from this, you get a whole bunch of standard mounting accessories included in the package too.

The Amkov AMK7000S action camera is available in 3 different colors and can be yours for about $99 shipped.


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