Best Accessories for the GoPro Action Camera: Top 5


The first brand one unanimously associates with action cameras is GoPro of course, and why not, it was the first company to come up with action cameras in the market. Fast forward a few years, and they still rule the roost even with ever growing competition.

That being said, most GoPros come with just a vented case, a flat and a curved mount in the package, which is largely inadequate to mount your GoPro anywhere. This is where GoPro makes a lot of profit: from their own accessories that you can buy separately, which are not pretty cheap to be really honest. This is when third-party accessory makers come to the rescue. They are much more lighter on your pocket, and yes, quality is good too, if that’s what you aren’t sure about. So here are some of the best ones out there. I collated the list based on utility and value-for-money. Bear in mind that the list is in no particular order. So here we go!

Best Accessories for the GoPro Action Camera

1. 6.5 inch Portable Tripod Bubble Octopus Holder

6.5 inch portable tripod octopus holder

An interesting and extremely handy accessory, this flexible tripod holder can be fixed or wrapped around almost anything, may it be a tree branch or a pole. And yes, you can also use it as a simple tripod of course. Being small, lightweight and portable, it can be easily carried along, and can be used to capture videos at any angles you can imagine. The flexible arms of the tripod are made up of silicone, making for a firm grip.

In order to mount the tripod onto your GoPro action camera, a GoPro adapter with a 1/4 inch screw is provided as well.

The 6.5 inch portable tripod octopus holder is available in multiple color combos, is compatible with the whole GoPro Hero series, and can be yours for under $4.

2. AT463 Suction Cup Bracket Mount

AT463 suction cup bracket mount

If you want to use your GoPro as a car dashcam or fix it to say, your motorcycle, or for that matter, any place where you need a really sturdy and strong mount, then the AT463 suction cup bracket mount is your best bet. It comes with a 67mm diameter suction cup and a tripod mount adapter as well.

The AT463 suction cup bracket mount is compatible with the whole GoPro Hero action camera range, and can be yours for under $3 shipped.

3. AT435 Accessory Package

AT435 accessory package

If you need a wide array of mounting accessories for your GoPro action camera at a good bargain, then this package would be your best bet. I do not think you would need much else apart from what you get in the set.

Here is what all you get in the box:

Chest Band, Headband, Wristband, Helmet Strap, Fixed Strap, Float Stick, Selfie Camera Monopod Stick, Remote Controller Wrist Band, 2 x Plane Base, 2 x Cambered Base, 2 x Movable Base, Storage Bag, 4 x 3M Adhesive, 4 x Long Screw

As you can see from the list above, you can use these accessories to record all those precious action-packed moments while kayaking, fishing, diving, rock climbing, motorcycling, bicycling, snowboarding, skating, surfing or any other activities you can think of. Heck, you can even use them to attach the action camera to your RC airplanes, cars or drones.

The whole accessory set is compatible with the whole GoPro Hero action camera series and can be yours for a cool $17 shipped.

4. Telesin Backpack Clip Clamp Mount

Telesin Backpack Clip

If attaching your GoPro action camera to your backpack is something you fancy, then the Telesin backpack clip is your best bet. It essentially works by clamping on to any of your backpack straps or handles. The clip width is about 4cm, and can also rotate a complete 360-degree, giving you a lot of mounting options.  Moreover, you also get an adapter and a long screw in the package.

The Telesin backpack clip is compatible with the GoPro Hero 2, GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 4 and can be yours at a discounted price for under $5.

5. CP-GP279 Dog Mount Harness

CP-GP279 dog mount harness

Ever wanted to have a look at your dog’s day-to-day shenanigans from his/her eye view? Well, the CP-GP279 dog mount harness is your perfect answer. It comes with a nylon elastic strap that fits all dogs except giant ones. Moreover, a silicone back pad for the dog’s comfort is provided as well.

As far as mounting goes, a quick-release adapter base mount, a long screw and a 1/4 adapter is provided for the same.

The CP-GP279 Dog Mount harness is compatible with the whole GoPro Hero series and can be yours for $11 shipped.

Best Accessories for the GoPro Action Camera: Conclusion

There you go, these were some of the best accessories for the GoPro action camera that made it to the top 5 based on utility and value-for-money. Your GoPro Hero action camera is now well armed to start capturing all those precious and unforgettable moments. Do note that there are other original GoPro accessories like the smart remote and the flex clamp available on the GoPro website, but I have not mentioned them in this article as they do not come cheap. If you still come across other useful accessories though, do not hesitate to post about them in your comments below.

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