Top 5 Action Cameras under $100 you can buy right now (Feb ’16)


On the prowl for an action camera but do not want to spend too much of your hard-earned (or not) money on one of them? Here is where I shall come to the rescue and list out few of the best action cameras under $100 you can buy as of the published date of this article. When I say ‘best’, I intend to factor in value-for-money, popularity, cost vis-a-vis features offered, and overall quality of course. Bear in mind that the list is in no particular order. So let’s get started shall we!

Best Action Cameras under $100: Top 5

1. Amkov AMK7000S: 1080p 60fps, Watch Remote Control

Amkov AMK7000S action camera-1

  • Image Sensor: OV4689
  • Chipset: Sunplus 6350M
  • Video Resolutions: 4K (10fps), 1080p (60, 30fps), 720p (60fps, 120fps)
  • Battery: 1150mAh
  • Display: 2-inch
  • Price: $99

Along with being able to record videos at 4K (albeit at just 10fps) and 1080p at a good 60fps, the Amkov AMK7000S gets anti-shake technology, burst-mode, loop recording and WiFi, among others.

On the hardware side of things, the device is made up of a unique zinc alloy for better shock resistance and heat dissipation. You get two screens: a 2-inch one at the back with a small notification screen at the front. The device also comes bundled with a remote control watch, allowing you to control video recording and capture still images straight from your wrist. And you also get the whole bunch of standard accessories including the waterproof case. All this for under $100. Not bad eh!

2. Elephone Explorer: 1080p 60fps, Slow-motion video

Elephone Explorer action camera

  • Image Sensor: OV4689 CMOS
  • Chipset: Allwinner V3
  • Video Resolutions: 4K (15fps), 1080p (60, 30fps), 720p (60fps, 120fps slow-motion)
  • Battery: 1050mAh
  • Display: 2-inch
  • Price: $65

Phonemaker Elephone entered the action camera market with the launch of the Elephone Explorer, capable of recording slow-motion videos along with 1080p (60fps) and 4K (15fps). It comes with a bright 2-inch screen and records decent quality video as well. You can read the review here. The camera is now available at just $65 which is a real sweet deal.

3. Firefly 6s: Gyro Stabilizer, Drone Compatible

Firefly 6S

  • Image Sensor: Sony IMX078
  • Chipset: Novatek 96660
  • Video Resolutions: 4K (24fps), 1080p (60, 30fps), 720p (120fps)
  • Battery: 1600mAh
  • Display: 0.65-inch front notification screen
  • Price: $100

A popular hit with drone enthusiasts owing to its relatively small dimensions, the Firefly 6S is a complete package, what with a whole bunch of accessories that come bundled, making this a versatile action camera that can be used to capture all your action-packed moments, may it be skydiving or anything else for that matter.

You also get an AV cable that can be used to convert your drone into an FPV-capable one. On the software side of things, you get gyro stabilization, 4K video recording at an acceptable 24fps, along with a gamut of manual adjustments possible.

4. Eken H9: $46, 2-inch Screen

Eken H9

  • Image Sensor: OV4689 CMOS
  • Chipset: Sunplus 6350
  • Video Resolutions: 4K (10fps), 1080p (60, 30fps), 720p (120fps, 60fps)
  • Battery: 900mAh
  • Display: 2-inch
  • Price: $46

Out of the top 5 best action cameras I have collated in this article, the Eken H9 is the lightest of ’em all on your pocket at just $46. So does this translate into a bogged-down spec list? Hell no! On the contrary, it features a pretty decent spec-sheet and is pretty popular among the masses too. And why not? You get full-HD video recording at 60fps, 720p at 120fps, and 4K is available too, albeit at a meagre 10fps. In addition, you get a 30m waterproof case and a whole bunch of accessories too.

A value-for-money product then? Heck, too-good-for-the-money I say!

5. SJCAM SJ4000: 1080p

SJCAM SJ4000 action camera

  • Image Sensor: Aptina AR0330
  • Chipset: Novatek 96655
  • Video Resolutions: 1080p (30fps), 720p (60fps)
  • Battery: 900mAh
  • Display: 1.5-inch
  • Price: $74

If there is one brand that took the action camera market by storm, it has to be SJCAM, especially with their SJ4000. Not only is it substantially cheaper than a GoPro, but also equally matched spec-wise and dimension-wise, paving the way for universal accessories and mounts.

The ever-popular SJCAM SJ4000 records good quality full-HD video, comes equipped with WiFi like all the other cameras on this list, and comes with all the accessories and mounts you need to start capturing your vivid moments.

Best Action Cameras under $100: Conclusion

Of late, a lot of new entrants in the action camera space have come up in the $40-$100 range, slowly eating away a large pie of GoPro’s sales. But hey, we as customers have no reason to complain right: we are at the receiving end of equally good tech at really affordable prices.

So there you have it, the best action cameras under $100 you can currently purchase in the market. If you know of other action cameras worthy enough to be included in the top 5 list, kindly do so by putting in your comments below.

Now if you would like to increase your budget a wee bit more, you can have a look at our compiled list of the top 5 action cameras in the $100 to $150 price range.



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