BlitzWolf BW-VR1 are virtual reality glasses for under $30


The whole world is on a quest to feel like an action hero, right from the comfort of his/her couch. May it be 3D movies, games or 360-degree video, we want to experience it all without breaking into a bank of course! Here is where the world of virtual reality glasses has come to the rescue, with affordably priced ones easily available nowadays. One such product is the BlitzWolf BW-VR1 on which this article is about.

Let us start by looking at the specifications:

  • Model: BlitzWolf BW-VR1 glasses
  • OS Support: Android, iOS
  • Phone Screen Size Support: 3.5″- 6.0″ smartphone
  • FOV: 70 to 80-degree
  • Pupil Distance Adjust: 55mm-75mm
  • Focal Distance Adjust: ±5mm
  • Price: ~$30

So how do these VR glasses work? Pretty simple actually: you just need to place your smartphone inside the enclosure of the glasses, as is with the BlitzWolf BW-VR1 which can hold smartphones ranging from 3.5″- 6.0″. Another pre-requisite is to install the VR app on your Android or iOS smartphone. After this you can download and play immersive 3D games, watch 3D movies and play 360-degree panoramic videos as well.

Coming to the glasses, the BlitzWolf BW-VR1 is made up of a strong ABS shell with a soft artificial leather material around the eye area and the head for prolonged comfort. The front cover is easily removable, allowing for ventilation for your face as well as your phone. Moreover, there are two ventilation holes on both sides of the glasses through which you can pass in your earphones.

On the inside, the VR-glasses house anti-reflective optical resin lenses that have an 8-layer nano coating that is claimed to reduce radiations from your phone by about 90%. The lenses are also said to filter out harmful blue light which should help in reducing eye fatigue and strain.

BlitzWolf BW-VR1 virtual reality glassesIn addition, the pupil distance is adjustable between 55mm to 75mm, with focal distance adjustable as well (±5mm). This is a neat feature that should help spectacled users use the BlitzWolf BW-VR1 without their spectacles on.

The BlitzWolf BW-VR1 VR-glasses should suit most of your virtual reality requirements and can be purchased for a really affordable $26.

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