EleCam 360: dual-sensor VR camera on a budget


Elephone are best known for their budget Android phones. Lately, however, the brand has been venturing into uncharted territory: action camera.

Why I’m saying this is because Elephone already have a couple of action cameras on the market, launched on the trot. These are the Elephone Explorer (which we already reviewed) and the Explorer Pro.

It seems as though the success garnered on that front has encouraged Elephone to take its camera business a tad bit more seriously, which perhaps explains the EleCam 360. As the name suggests, the EleCam 360 is primarily designed for VR and 360-degree video; however, there’s more to the EleCam 360 than meets the eye.

EleCam 360

The EleCam 360

Unlike some other 360-degree cameras you may have come across, this Elephone camera comes with not one but two image sensors on either side of the body of the camera. This results in a full spherical picture, unlike single-lens 360-degree cameras which produce a dome and not a full sphere.

Elephone will use the Sony IMX117 sensor with an f/2.0 lens on either side of the camera shell. Needless to say, the EleCam 360 will come with support for WiFi.

Word is that this VR-centric camera will also support 4K recording. We’ll try and get our hands on one for review… so stay tuned!



  1. These cameras are getting better and better, can’t wait for your review, hopefully it has good specs;4k@30 and a good price range.

  2. Great, can’t wait, this camera looks like something out of star trek or minority report with the double lenses lol.

    I was wondering how do you guys find the cameras to review, do you search for them or are they sent to you by the manufacturer because you guys have looked at some great stuff, every-time it looks like a new company is entering the market, must be hard to keep up lol.

    Keep up the great work, action cameras are changing the market like polariod.

    • Haha yeah it does look like that a bit 😀

      As for the cameras, we’re sent samples either by the factory or resellers. We usually link back to the reseller/factory, so that should give you an idea of where it’s coming from 🙂

      Thanks much for the kind words, keep reading, sharing, commenting, just enough so the spam bot doesnt go off ahah!

  3. these cameras sound really great and my first thought was for putting one on my motorcycle as a safety cam So i wonder if they also have a water proof camera case and if they can be plugged in for a constant charge

  4. Well, it’s seems that the elecam 360 supports only 1080p at 30fps.
    On other specific site I read that the chipset used for this camera is like on the eken h9.
    If you have video and photo samples with it, I would like to see them.

    • That’s right. It only supports 1080p at 30fps. This article was based on early information that was given to us. Later on we got some more information with real specs. Take a look at our latest article on the Elecam 360 here:

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