GoPro goes official in India through Reliance Digital


India is a country with a staggering population of more than 1.2 billion. This developing nation is undergoing a fast transformation wherein the younger generation is following their passion and willing to spend their disposable income on travel, electronics, fitness and the likes. This has led to a vast change in the consumer goods segment in India, where a large number of global conglomerates like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, etc are dedicating a lot of effort, time and money to focus on their India-specific operations. And why not, India accounts for a sizeable chunk of market-share for all these companies. And now it’s time for another revolution to take place in this country: the action camera revolution.

Action cameras are basically cameras aimed to capture your adventurous (or not) escapades. May it be skydiving, motorcycling, skiing, surfing or heck, you could even capture your dog’s adventures. The main difference between regular cameras and action cameras is that action cameras are made to mainly capture videos. Secondly, they mount onto your body, helmet or surfboard. In simple terms, you may call them hands-free cameras. (Click here for our Go-to guide on action cameras)gopro_hero_4_blackGoPro, the pioneer and leader of the action camera market around the world, has finally decided to step its shoes into India by partnering with Reliance Digital through which GoPro will be selling its cameras and accessories across 1800 stores all over the nation. At first, three models will be available in the Indian market: the HERO Session (about Rs. 20000), the HERO 4 Silver and the top-end HERO 4 Black that should retail for about Rs. 45000. Tony Bates, the president of GoPro has a few words to say on this strategic partnership: “We are looking forward to bringing our product to India’s young, creative and tech savvy market and are thrilled to be working with Reliance Digital, a premier electronics retailer in India. Reliance Digital’s expert store-associates will help educate customers on GoPro and provide a great customer experience. We view this as a strategic partnership that brings much more than just shelves for our products but a true partner to help with GoPro’s success in India.”

All in all, I think this is a great move by GoPro, especially considering how irritating it sometimes is to order electronics goods from international websites that need to be shipped to India. Why irritating? Shady customs practices in India where the duty levied on products can sometimes be more than the actual product value itself. Plus, there is the hassle of claiming warranty as well.

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